Araw ng Kagitingan. Day of Valor.

#NasaanAngPangulo ?

May video ang Malacanang kung saan kinilala ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte and mga magigiting na health workers na humaharap sa panganib habang palala ang pagkalat ng COVID19.

Lip service. Chorva lang.

Hindi hinarap ang delay sa hazard pay – halos isang taon…

(Count the reasons why)

So Duterte’s feeling snobbish towards the US? Failed joke there. I don’t think the current US leadership is in any way a fan 🙂

That VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) card is so old they should just lay it to rest now. …

(image from

When do you give briefings? Why do you give briefings? How should you give briefings?

Leaders address the nation to give weight to warnings and to reassure people in the face of disaster that they will not be alone.

Later on, leaders address their people to help them make sense…


Two main goals drive the Red-Tagging hysteria of the Duterte regime’s thugs:

  • Cover up crime and corruption and other abuses by government officials and their patrons;
  • Evade accountability;
  • Snuff out the spreading fires of resistance to its tyrannical rule.

The government crows about high approval ratings for Duterte. It…

When you watch Duterte and his top minions in that near empty, air-conditioned grand hall, do not forget:

The thousands huddled in the heat and then under the rain at Rizal sports stadium,

The hundreds who lay on the wet streets of the port area and the islands around Clark…

It’s heart-warming to see people standing up and speaking out, online and onground, in defense of press freedom and free expression. …

There is no greater crime a leader can do than to starve people and then stop citizens who want to help them survive.

The mix of contempt for the poor and malice towards those that show genuine patriotism for one’s people elevates the crime to unforgivable levels.

That is BETRAYAL of the nation.

There is no other word for it.

Jeepney drivers and their families are starving. Tens of thousands of families.


“Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas says complaints of illegal assembly and for staging a protest will be filed at the Marikina City Prosecutors Office against the 10 members of Bayanihang Marikenyo at Marikenya.” via @adrianayalin on Twitter

Zena Bernardo, one of the founders of volunteer aid group, says the 10 aid…

Screengrab from RTVM coverage of Duterte’s April 6 address.

The Philippines is missing a President.

There is no leader. There is only Rodrigo Duterte thrashing around the swamplands of his Id, a gofer perpetually on the watch. …

To all LGUs (cities, towns, barangays) that ban seniors from going out:

We know that studies of COVID19 show that seniors very vulnerable to extreme forms of infection. But a blanket ban only endangers them if enforced without thought for their other needs.

We have a big number of still…

Inday Espina-Varona

scaRRedcat Veteran, award-winning journalist, former chair of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, and Knight Intl Fellow at Stanford

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